Bikini Model Robyn Lawley

Bikini Model Robyn Lawley

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Bikini Model Robyn Lawley is an Australian model from Sydney, Australia’s western suburbs. She was born in the 13th day of June in the year 1989. Bikini Model Robyn Lawley is known as among the cover models of June 2000 issue of Vogue Italia. She is the second plus-size model to cover in Elle France, and the first plus-size model to be shot for the GQ Australia as well as Australian Vogue. Moreover, she is also considered as the first plus-size model in Australia to be right on the cover of the Australian Cosmopolitan.

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Bikini Model Robyn Lawley has worked with the famous photographers in the world including Steven Meisel, Raphael Mazzucco, Thierry Le Goues, Michel Haddi, and Lee Bloomfield. She is also the first plus-size model to be featured in the campaign for Ralph Lauren.

In the recent news, she makes an unintentional dramatic entrance right into Santa Monica restaurant. All eyes are on her dazzling body. Attention is something that she has accustomed long before she found her own success in front of the camera. This 26-year old plus-size model is constantly in demand with her high profile clients such as Chantelle lingerie, H&M, and Ralph Laurn. She indeed found her place in the society despite of her size.

Bikini Model Robyn Lawley is truly an inspiration. Many people are ashamed of their body sized, but she is different. She wants to prove that anybody can become a supermodel whatever their size is. They just need to be confident on what they have and show the world what they got. What makes her different is her own unremitting motivation and determination when it comes to making changes right in the fashion industry. She is an image of a successful model that has what it takes to stand out in the middle of the crowd.

She does not want to be called as a plus-size woman. Moreover, it is not the only label that Bikini Model Robyn Lawley mainly objects to, but also the fact that lots of women find it very hard to get fashion that fits in. According to her, it was also very difficult for her to find cool swimwear, which is why she decided to launched her own line two years ago. She was very hands-on, even though she collaborated with Bond-Eye, an Australian brand. She has the full control over everything from the prints to the fabrics and claims that her own swimsuits do not only fit well, but they are also cool, supportive, and fashion forward.

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Bikini Model Robyn Lawley is never a fan of the plus-size label. She believes that it was given to her mainly because almost all models are literally half her size that are absolutely skinny. She has received various awards and this is all because of her dedication towards modeling. She will continue to inspire lots of people who also want to make a great difference in the society where they belong. She is definitely a woman who is confident on what she has; she really worth the success and fame that she has.

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