Bikini Model Nina Agdal

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Bikini Model Nina Agdal is one of Denmark’s most sexy women (just after the Copenhagen Mermaid of course). Born in 1992 she started her modelling career very young, and it wasn’t in swimsuits how she was first photographed.

The first profession photo shoot for Bikini Model Nina Agdal was for a fitness magazine, where she was showed doing fitness exercises.

Bikini Model Nina Agdal Video

At the age of 18 she went to Miami for the spring break, and since then most men regret not have been at the right time at the right spot.

It was in Miami where Victoria’s Secret spotted Nina Agdal, and this was the boost of her swimsuit modelling career. After Victoria’s Secret came Sports Illustrated, and Miss Agdal’s career was a blast.

Nina Agdal’s positioning in the Bikini Model world is to look like the girl next door. We believe that it should more the “girl we would like to have next door, or even closer”. No matter the marking spins by model agencies, she is just one of the best looking bikini models around today.

Bikini Model Nina Agdal on Social Media.

Miss Agdal has a good feel for getting attention on social medias even if she is not modelling professionally. She has been showing off her perfect body on Instagram for example. Lots of beautiful girls of her age post sexy pictures on this site, but, without surprise the photos of bikini model Nina Agdal create huge buzz. Here are some of her most famous posts.

Bikini Model Nina Agdal on Facebook:



Nina Agdal cannot find her pants!

In this Instagram post she claims not to have found her pants, and few other items to cover her sexy body. But don’t dream, she covers her breasts with her arm (damn), but shows her perfect ass.

Cant find my pants.

A photo posted by Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on

As being one of the sexiest Bikini Models Nina Agdal can be best followed on her Instagram account. It is always up-to-date, and has beautiful pictures of her. Then of course is her twitter account as well. If you are a fan of this bikini model make sure you are following her on Twitter as well. Of course a swimsuit model is not a swimsuit model without a facebook account, you try to become of friend of her, but that might be difficult.

Bikini Model Nina Agdal Bloopers.

We all like to see some blooper of sex bikini models like Nina Agdal, but she has a trick to avoid that. During a photo shoot and/or video there are code words to stop and cover unintentionally showed body parts up. Nina Agdal even committed that during an interview, but would not disclose what certain code words were meaning, or how the problem was solved without anybody noticing.

So enjoy the videos we selected here of one of the most popular Bikini Models Nina Agdal.


Nina Agdal on Twitter:

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