Bikini Model Leanna Decker

Bikini Model Leanna Decker

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Leanna Decker is an American bikini model who started her modeling career by creating her own account on Model Mayhem, hiring a professional photographer and taking the initiative herself. According to Bikini Model Leanna Decker, modeling is always her passion and she is very comfortable when in front of the camera. She takes modeling very seriously and she is very proud that her breasts are real. She really loves modeling since she truly loves getting pampered. Posing in front of the camera gives her a kind of high she really loves.

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When she was growing up, she admitted that she was a tomboy. Her brother is her best friend and one of their favorite pastimes is playing in the yard. Some of her hobbies include roller skating, playing outside the house and many more. She considers herself as a good kisser. There are five simple words that describe Bikini Model Leanna Decker and that is sexy, sizzling, random, spontaneous and happy. Since her zodiac sign is Virgo, she completely believe that her personality is random. In addition to this, she considers her breasts as one of her best assets.

Apart from that, she is attracted to a man who is smells good, sexy, intelligent, has a great sense of humor and has a perfect and nice smile. She also added that she really don’t like those bad guys.

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Bikini Model Leanna Decker wants her man to stay out of trouble. The top things that disappointed her are arrogance, cockiness and bad hygiene. She has a long hair, red hair color, green eye color, white skin and slim body type that a man will surely love. Her genres include underwater modeling, swimwear modeling, sports modeling, promotional modeling, lingerie pinup, lifestyle, glamour, fitness, fit modeling, fashion, editorial and acting modeling.

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Leanna Decker is considered as one of the hottest and sexiest lingerie and bikini model in the US. If you are one of those fans of Bikini Model Leanna Decker, you can use her official pages in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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