Bikini Model Jenell Hendrix

Bikini Model Jenell Hendrix

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Bikini Model Jenell Hendrix was born in 1987, and lives in Champaign, Illinois. She has been catching the attention since she was 14 years old when she became Youth of the Year, talking about important social issues in the community.

Jenell Hendrix did not start as a bikini model, in 2006 she started doing run-way modelling, bikini modelling wasn’t really a focus for her. She wanted to work with photographers and agencies who could help her being an inspiration for other people.

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Next to modelling Jenell Hendrix also had basketball career at Central. She is now known for her curves which make most other bikini models jealous, before she could do great steals during a match.

Jenell Hendrix’ name to fame came through Hooters. In 2015 she became the Hooters Girl of the Year, and was featured in Hooters Magazine, and Hooters Swimsuit Calendar.

Jenell is the example of a bikini model which doesn’t only rely on her beauty. She is one of the few bikini models making her life on other ways than just showing beautiful bikinis. Jenell Hendrix works at Hooters and is a single mother taking care of her son. Her Hooters career shows she is striving to have a faultless image, outstanding generosity expertise, and making sure her modelling career is not the only thing in life.

Bikini model Jenell Hendrix is both modest and motivated to achieve her modelling career. She is working on getting noticed and to start a movie career.

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