Bikini Model Ashley Smith

Bikini Model Ashley Smith

by sharon
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Bikini Model Ashley Smith is among those gorgeous and beautiful bikini models. She is popularly known from the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has a voluptuous yet a very slim figure, which also makes her as one of the most sought after models in this generation. This famous model has a hot hourglass body type that looks great in almost all the types of swimwear. She wears a 32D bra size. It is her D cups that are natural that make her even more stunning. The best thing about her is that she does not have any breast augmentation surgery.

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She was born in the 26th day of November in the year 1990 in California. Bikini Model Ashley Smith currently lives in New York, City. Unlike any other bikini models, she has various features that make her unique such as the cute gap between her own front teeth as well as her large natural breasts. Her one of a kind asset looks very fabulous in every tiny bikini she wears that the SI photographers always like to put on the young models. Lots of people are looking forward to see this beautiful model in the near future.

She takes bikini modeling into the next level, thus inspires her to become even better as a model. Bikini Model Ashley Smith is now staging fashion industry takeover. This beautiful, buxom, and blonde model has the unique frame of Freja and with the chest size of Lara. Apart from shooting with the famous Terry Richardson, she is also posing for the Russh Beauty. Moreover, she is also causing Mert & Marcus to fall in love with her. She indeed has the real personality of a supermodel, who is always ready to conquer the stage and amaze all people around her.

She started modeling when she was discovered right at the music festival in Austin, Texas. There were two Foremen who came up to ask her if she wanted to give modeling a try. Bikini Model Ashley Smith considered that every work she has is always a big break for her no matter how big or small it is. She believes that you just need to have fun on shoot and people around you will surely want to work with you again. She considered her shoot with Sarah Richardson and Richard Bush in Brazil as her favorite one. A model like her possesses the character every successful model has. She will continue to make a great difference in modeling in the next coming years.

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Bad girls have more fun at breakfast ????????????

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Bikini Model Ashley Smith is definitely the image of a successful bikini model who always wants to show the world what she got. For those aspiring bikini models out there, they should have a personality like Ashley Smith. Her story will serve as an inspiration to many. She believes that her success in modeling is all because of the people who continue to trust her. This is why she is doing everything so that the people behind her success will continue to support her in every step of the way.

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